Inadmissibility and Appeals

Admissibility hearings are heard by the Immigration Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

A permanent resident or a foreign national is inadmissible on:

 Security grounds: (espionage, terrorism, being a member of an organized crime)

Human or international rights violations: (Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes)

Serious criminality: in or outside Canada

A foreign national may be found inadmissible for financial reasons if they are unable or unwilling to support him/her self and their dependents, and on health reasons where their condition may impose a health risk to Canadians.

Appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and refugee board (IRB).

Matters that may be brought before the IAD:

-        Permanent residents, Protected persons and foreign nationals with a permanent resident visa who have received a removal order;

-        Refusal of a sponsorship application for members of the family class.

-        Removal orders made against permanent residents and protected persons at inadmissibility or examination hearing.

-        Minister's appeal.

-        Appeals of overseas decisions on loss of permanent resident status.



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