Foreign Students

A foreign student is a temporary resident of Canada who is authorized to work in Canada. In general a foreign national applies for a student visa outside Canada, but in some cases he/she may apply at port of entry if they have a letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution. Courses of less than six months do not require a study permit as well as minor children in Canada attending pre-schools, or primary or secondary schools. Foreign Nationals wishing to study in Canada have to:

-        Have a letter of acceptance from the educational institution where they intend to study;

-        Demonstrate that they are able to pay the tuition fees for their intended course or studies.

-        Be able to support themselves financially.

-        Be able to pay their transportation cost to and from Canada.

-        Pass required medical examinations.

-        If they intend to study in Quebec receive a Certificat d'acceptation du Quebec (CAQ).  

Foreign students in Canada enrolled at publicly funded universities and colleges are now allowed to work off-campus if they meet certain requirements. They have to posses a work permit, study six months out of 12 prior to application, be in good standing academically, be enrolled in an academic study program and comply with the work permit conditions.

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